Our roots are in the commercial coatings industry and we take great pride in having completed multiple successful coating projects in South Florida since our inception in 2014.

Remember- Paint Protects. A quality paint job not only enhances your property but also minimizes water intrusion and will slow down or even prevent the need for future structural repairs. Pegasus understands proper surface preparation and repairs are paramount to a long-lasting finish. We use high quality and eco-friendly products and apply it using the latest technology.



Don’t wait until it becomes a bigger problem. When water infiltration issues threaten the integrity of your structure, turn to Pegasus for superior safety protocols, quality solutions, and top-notch service. No matter how complex the issue or the building site is, we get the job done right while keeping your building occupants and employees safe throughout the restoration and reconstruction process.

As experts in restoring and repairing building envelopes, Pegasus works alongside owners, board members, and oftentimes other contractors to bring the structure back to better than its original condition, while working alongside engineers to inspect the structure and quantify areas for repair.


Our trained professionals have in-depth knowledge and experience in the functionality, installation and performance of waterproof coatings, caulking, and moisture protection systems for commercial & industrial projects. Pegasus is committed to providing a complete waterproofing system for your project and ensuring that it is properly installed the first time.

Our crews have been trained and certified to install a variety of different systems provided by manufacturers such as BASF, WR Grace, Carlisle, Cetco, Dow Corning, Tremco, and Xypex, to name a few.